The pattypan squash


Pattypan squash are just so adorable that I can’t seem to overlook them when they pop out of their baskets at the farmer’s market, but what to do with them is the question. Typically, slice the little buggers in half, brush a little olive oil on them and grill them to soft and charred yumminess. But, I don’t have a grill and the little cuties are staring at me. They want me to do something with them tonight for dinner. I’m recipe hunting, I’ll post if I find anything, but I’d love a suggestion too!


late sunsets or new calendar-do we need to choose?


Aah summer, why must you end? Is anyone else struggling with the end of summer? It’s more than just the sunshine, the swimming, the sand in the car, and the endless corn and tomatoes that will end. With the end of summer, comes the end of the loose schedule. My new calendar and iPhone are beside me right now and filling rapidly. Everything must be chronicled, scheduled, and double checked. I long for a just a few more weeks of free mornings, late sunsets, and all that fall in between and is not confirmed in uni-ball ink.
So here is my question for you…how do we maintain a little bit of summer’s freedom from September through May? How do we take a step back from our calendars and just enjoy the day before us?  Just picture it, a grey, cold Wednesday in February that rings of the same independence and carefree hours of it’s long lost sisters of July and August. Is it possible to schedule carefree days and happy-go-lucky mindsets?

Good Day, sunshine!


I hope your Saturday is off to a great start and filled with wellness. I got up this morning, grabbed the gym bag (always prepacked the evening before to ensure gym going the following day) and headed to a coffee shop for a lovely nonfat latte and a little journaling time. Unfortunately, I forgot to grab my cranberry almond Kind bar. There is I was, lovely nonfat latte in a handmade ceramic mug in my hands, gazing through the window at homemade pastries galore. I felt a bit doomed, off to a tough start after what seemed so promising, when the absolute obvious donned on me…If I only eat 1/2 of the gorgeous morning glory muffin stuffed with carrots, raisins, and bran I can salvage my morning. Phew! I requested a bag and sliced the luscious and quite sizeable muffin in half, then consulted “My fitness pal” (a great iphone app for tracking fitness and calories) which told me the same muffin at Whole Foods (this seemed a good source of comparison) was 310 calories, so half was 155. Let the journaling and breakfast time begin!

I headed to the gym with great purpose, I had the time this morning so I was definitely going to get as much in as possible. I started with my PT exercises for my bionic foot and then headed to the cardio machines. I succeeded in completing a full hour of cardio, the entire Nautilus weights circuit, and a series of sit ups. Not, bad after the muffin mayhem.
Next, the farmer’s market greeted me with tantalizing squashes, perfect tomatoes, fresh corn, and vibrant raspberries. I treated myself to some homemade Burrata cheese from Fiori Di Nonno and whole wheat bagels from Iggys-yummy.  After a quick trip to the Market Basket, I am now home and have just finished a rockstar style lunch with those tomatoes and burrata. It’s a wellness kind of day, alright.
Cheers to health and wellness!! Enjoy the sunshine.